The world can be a harsh, unforgiving place.  It can tear you down as quickly as it builds you up.  No one is really that different.  The struggles and triumphs of every life is what makes each story unique.  This is my safe haven.

I live vicariously through the world of quotes.  I use it as a tool to empower me, inspire me, teach me, and it helps me help others.  I’m not a therapist, I don’t claim to be.  What I do claim to be is an easy person to talk to, I listen without judgement, and love unconditionally.  It’s easy to be a voice or a shoulder for another person.  It’s harder to be that for yourself.

My purpose with this blog is simple – use the beauty of inspirational quotes to help express myself and daily musings, as well as hopefully give you a place to freely talk about your life, either anonymously or otherwise.

We are not alone in this world, and everyone needs someone to believe in them…let’s be that for each other!

~ Sarah xo


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