Although I find myself falling behind on blog post, I’m determined to not let it stall me.  There are only a handful of excuses that I would deem acceptable, and none of those have occurred at this point in time!  So that being said, be prepared for a mash of 2 other entries besides this one…because I like to inspire you – whatever that means for you!

3 fav things:

1.)  Work music – nothing like a little dancing at work to make the time fly by!

2.)  Um National Napping Day was a thing…now I couldn’t just be told I was OLD, but I could preach well, it’s a National Day so I must participate!

3.)  Fresh hair, don’t care!


Okay, so today’s Quote is basically a good summary for WHY I am doing this blog.  I’m not doing it for shits and giggles, though I do get the giggles and it’s ridiculous.  It’s because I needed an outlet for myself to keep inspired and to be able to share inspiring aspects of life and those people in mine.

I have had a variety of different aspects of people in my life.  Some are not as intertwined with my life now as they were in the past.  Some have returned after many years of not being extremely close.  Some are people I can see once or twice a year and they still fill my heart with love and joy.  Some are a daily part of my life, whether physically in front of me, or via some sort of social media or electronic device.  Some I’ve never personally met, but have had an impact on who I am, and are helping me grow into who I am going to be.  Some inspire me through career, health, personality, thoughtfulness.   There are so many aspects of being inspiring.

Every single person in my life, in whatever context that is now, has helped shape me into who I am.  They have inspired me, helped me grow, and push me to believe in things bigger then myself.  Being an INSPIRATION varies from person to person.  I find I’m inspired by the little things because they have a sense of genuine quick nature to them.  It’s not a big bold plan, it’s a quick moment.  Sometimes little moments of inspiration leave a longer lasting effect then one that is extravagant – though I admire those as well.

So for all those people in my life that I don’t speak to often, or that I do speak to often, or that I don’t see often, or that I do see often…this is just a big blog post of love to say THANK YOU.  No matter if you are a strong part of my life now, or an even stronger part of my past – I thank you for being that inspiring friend, family, co-worker, stranger turned non-stranger, in my life to let me see things bigger then myself…it’s the greatest gift in the world!

Who inspires you?


Sarah xo


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