Your heart, is more then a machine…ok that’s a song that gets stuck in my head sometimes.

Let’s just get right into it so – 3 fav things!

1.)  Working out – the gym was pretty empty, maybe because it’s currently March Break here, but it was nice and weird all at the same time!

2.)  The Big Bang Theory with the family – not something we normally do, but for the past two nights we’ve been frantically catching up with TBBT – love this show!

3.)  Going to bed tired and sore – normally I wouldn’t choose something like this, but it showcases that I had a great weekend.  I worked out, I played catch and I kept on top of two fan accounts for a comic con, because I’m officially a nerd of comic book proportions now.


People always tell you to follow your heart, or listen to you heart.  I don’t know if I’ve ever really understood the meaning behind it.  Your heart knows best?  This quote is sort of a nice simplistic summary of the reason you should listen and follow your heart.  It’s your beacon.

Your heart is a powerful organ, for the obvious reasons, but it’s also used in terms like you have such a big heart, or heart of gold.  Now using your heart as “the way” is a new one for me.  I suppose everyone has different interpretations of everything in life.  Nothing is really black and white now, it’s more a colourful collage of possibilities.

At first I thought ok, your heart is bigger then your brain (so to speak).  We tend to overthink things in life, use our brain to weigh the pros and cons…where as your heart FEELS things.  It gives you an honest feeling of right or wrong.  It doesn’t use logic, it uses empathy and wisdom and love.  It’s a different kind of path towards life.  It knows no boundaries or roadblocks, it just FEELS.  Don’t follow the yellow brick road…follow your heart, run that direction – it’s smarter then any other piece of information, body part, or organ…feel don’t overthink.


Sarah xo


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