Today was supposed to be the warmest day we’ve had for a while, so clearly that means going for walks on trails, BBQing, and beginning the world of outdoor sports – aka CATCH (with a glove, and a tennis ball cause I’m terrified to drop the ball after having not played sports in probably 10 years)…which brings me to my 3 fav things!

1.)  Walking in the local conservation area (where you can clearly see the lovely Nuclear Power Plant – a staple for people knowing where I live)

2.)  Playing catch with the bro – which was semi hilarious but at least we could still somewhat be athletic!

3.)  Visit with the grandparents – went over for an afternoon visit, complete with tea, sweets and good company.


This brings me to the quote about Pineapples.  Ok it’s not directly about Pineapples BUT, it’s using pineapples as a way to describe something.  How to be authentically you!

Stand Tall – seems pretty self explanatory!  Hard to believe people don’t do this.  I’m one of those people but then again I often slouch (I’m working on that), but what it means in the overall is to stand proud.  The taller you stand the prouder you are of yourself.  I don’t mean like a puff your chest out, I’m better then you, kind of way…I just mean that you are comfortable with yourself, who you are, and what you are showing to people.

Wear a Crown – mmm…okay well I don’t literally wear a crown everyday, but if you do – like on Broadway or in Royalty or in pageantry – PROPS!  That’s pretty cool.  The crown to me signifies the grace and beauty you have in yourself.  You may shine, or show glimmers of yourself, but you are again PROUD of yourself, not ashamed.  I’m more on the spectrum of good days and bad days…again – a work in progress for my 35 year old self (if you didn’t know how old I was, you’ve clearly not been reading this blog from the beginning!).

Be Sweet on the Inside – whenever I hear Be Sweet, for some reason I think of Chip and Joanna Gaines and the way they speak to their children (they have a TV show called Fixer Upper…if you don’t watch it, you really should!).  They use that term quite often.  I don’t know if I’ve ever told someone to be sweet…I’ve said they ARE sweet, but never that they need to BE sweet.  As a rule everyone should be sweet to everyone…unfortunately in today’s society that is NOT how it is.  Sweet to me at times is another word for kind.  You want to be your truest self on the inside, and be able to show it to people in a genuine way.  Above all, you need to love and be yourself, and it all starts from the inside out (kind of like the movie, did you see the movie?)

When in doubt, be a Pineapple.  That should be on a shirt…no seriously…who wants to make it into a shirt.  The one fruit that looks a little daunting, now has this beautiful phrase to it showcasing that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, or a pineapple by it’s outside.  Learn to be open and respectful to all, as you don’t know the lives they’ve led, nor the battles they may be facing.  We are all pineapples…embrace it!


Sarah xo


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