Following in some of Patti’s celebrations, which you can read all about on her Party with Patti blog, I chose a quote that represented AWESOMENESS!  But first…

1.)  Proud friend blog moment when Patti wrote this!

2.)  Pizza – because hello it’s Pizza!

3.)  Getting my NEW baseball glove steamed (now let’s see if I can actually still catch a  ball after all these years!)


I think the overall feel of what International Day of Awesomeness means it’s a day for everyone.  Like the quote says “no one is perfect” which is a billion percent true, “but everyone can be awesome” because awesome has no role model.  Almost everyone I know is awesome, so this entry would be EXTREMELY long and boring to read if I listed them all. So this blog is going to be very Patti based since I’ve already promo’d her a few times already, so Patti you better read this.

Patti is all sorts of awesome.  I’ve never met her in person, but I feel as though we’ve bonded through social media means.  I started following her originally after getting into Broadway.  Her name floated around, I’d seen some videos of her singing, and thought she was fucking talented…but I really just followed her for her amazing live twittering of The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor In Paradise…basically anything within that franchise.  She was quick witted, on point and always drank wine, we were basically best friends (not that I’m quick witted or on point, but I do drink wine soooo WINNER!).  Plus she was dating, at the time, my little Arrow crush, Colin Donnell – so she already had props for that.   I asked Patti a very serious question – would you accept this rose…ok maybe not.  I asked her if I could make her a bracelet.  And she was very kind and said of course!  You see when you are trying to decide if you should start a new venture, being open and asking people can be extremely scary.  What if they say no, or that they don’t like them or say why are you talking to me, or heck say nothing.  This just goes to show you how wonderfully open and kind Patti is.  Having never met me, not knowing me from any other person who follows her on social media, she said the one word I wanted to hear – YES!  She was very instrumental in the choices of that bracelet, which meant a lot of correspondence back and forth, making it a very special bracelet for me to make.  It was personal and I was excited and nervous to make it for her.  It held meaning and those are my favourite types of creations (I really need to get back into doing them again!).  Below is the gem we collaborated on and it’s fabulous!


I’ve become a little more nerdy now, besides Broadway, and Glee, and Figure Skating, and Soap Operas LOL, to a world of comics, but not literally comics.  Let me explain!  I’ve started watching some TV shows that are based on comics, and this past January headed to my first nerdy girl comic con in New Jersey.  WORST WEATHER EVER hit that weekend, and let’s just say I hope I have another opportunity to go to one of these cons and really enjoy the atmosphere.  Anyway, the reason I bring it up is because I was supposed to meet Patti that weekend *insert crushed soul* but Mother Nature had other ideas, and I obviously wanted Patti (and I guess Colin LOL) remaining safe.  Just to show how awesome Patti is, she felt bad about us not having that meeting time, YET reassured me that it WILL happen…we will have some wine and giggle, and sing – maybe her, probably not me – and she honestly didn’t need to.  She has NO obligation to ever meet me, yet she’s making a point to say it will happen.  SERIOUSLY! AWESOMENESS meter off the charts!

Patti, if you read this, thank you.  For reading it, first of all LOL, but for just being one of the most inspiring people I’ve never met (yet).  Your blog is so insightful, and honest, and truthful.  There is no sugar coating, you are genuine in every possible way.  Colin is very lucky to have you…I may be crushing a little more on you then him now, but I still adore the shit out of him.  Never change, love yourself and all your battle scars, embrace them with pride and strength, continue to spread love to others, and smile…always smile that heart warming smile that I’m sure covers hurt and anger, but lightens the world.

So go follow her on Twitter @pattimurin and read her blogs – yes BLOGSSSSS – which I tagged at the beginning of this long winded post!

Moral of the story…BE AWESOME, NOT PERFECT!


Sarah xo


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