TGIF!  We have all survived another week!  So before I begin my chatter about today’s quote, let’s recap what my 3 fav things went on this lovely Friday!

1.)  Baseball talk…the Blue Jays did some Snapchatting today and it was fabu!

2.)  Seeing a cardinal outside my front window – spring is a coming!

3.)  Conversations about plans for next weekend 🙂

Okay, today’s quote is:


Basically, live each day without ragrets (only people who have seen a certain movie will get this reference)…I mean regrets.  You can’t change the future and you most certainly cannot change the past.  What will be will be so to speak.  Life is a journey best taken with an open mind and a tender heart.

Easier said then done…I agree with you there.  I’m the biggest fake when it comes to these things.  I worry about everything, and have guilt about the past…but I’ve grown to realize you can’t change it, you can only be better in the future.  I’ve lost friendships, stayed stuck in the same rut for way too many years, and I’ve become more introverted (more then I already was, so ain’t that pretty!).  I must say I’m glad for social media, so much so that I took a course online called Social Media Marketing, and it introduced me to some amazing people, from behind a keyboard.  My safe introverted place.  I’m thankful for those friends, and look forward to seeing them again soon with the weather becoming nicer.

The goal is, to live each day as it comes.  The past is history, the future is unknown, but we live each day in the PRESENT.  Know that if we put forth the effort to just BE in the moment, each day will be seen as a learning experience.  I think what this blog is teaching me is how to write out my thoughts, and change my way of thinking.  I’ve always been the “encourager” of others, but now it’s time for me to start working on myself.  Baby steps…

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂


Sarah xo


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