Kindness…seems like the easiest thing in the world to do, but often it’s the one thing we see little of.  More on that after my 3 fav things of the day (this being Wednesday since I clearly slacked this week!)

1.)  Hangout time with Bud (for those of you who don’t know me, which could be a lot of you, that’s my brother, and no his name is not Bud I just call him that…no idea why)

2.)  Seeing friendly staff at our Arby’s – they know who we are, and we don’t go often, but it’s probably because we’re gingers LOL

3.)  Warm weather – it was glorious outside yesterday, spring is coming!


This quote was so powerful to me.  Mark Twain, you are a genius!  This quote makes you think, how something so simple – kindness – is universally felt.  It can mean so much and can be done without even purposely realizing it.  It can be as small as, smiling at someone, or holding a door for the next person, or as huge as buying someone lunch, or buying something for someone because you thought of them when you saw it.

You’ve heard of “Random Acts of KINDNESS”…it’s a wonderful way to “pay it forward” – a phrase my brother HATES btw.  He’s an odd duck though so I’ll let him have his quirks.  The way I see it is, what does it take away from your day?  Doing something for someone else that has no expectations is the easiest way to make everyone feel good about themselves.  Kindness has no boundaries, no ethnicity, no gender.  It’s seriously the EASIEST thing, yet why is it so hard to do sometimes?  So…I think I’m going to challenge myself – and all of you if you decide you want to join in my crazy adventures – to do at least one thing a week (starting off small because hey, I’m already giving myself bizarre life goals that I’m trying to keep up with), to show kindness towards another person.  It can be giving someone a hug that really needs it, taking someone out for coffee and paying, sending an encouraging email, donating to a cause close to your heart…anything.  The overall goal is to show you that kindness is simple, big or little, it’s the thought that counts.

So let’s fill the world with KINDNESS…and if anyone has seen Cinderella on Broadway, that word will mean a lot!  Just saying…


Sarah xo


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