*P.S. there may be the word SHIT used a lot in this post…tread lightly, you’ve been warned*

First off, I’ve already broken my promise of daily blog writing!  I’m not going to get down on myself because quite frankly, what good would that do.  Instead I’m going to use this as a better way to time manage myself.  Shit happens, life gets in the way of good intentions, yet I’m still here, and still ready to grace the blog world with my Quote Therapy nonsense.  First off, my 3 things from Tuesday that were GOOD!

1.)  Getting a text message from a co-worker that simply stated THANK YOU

2.)  Naps – self explanatory don’t you think LOL!

3.)  Brunch – a little eggs, a little potato, a few pieces of bacon (fun fact, I don’t love bacon, if that makes me a bad Canadian lol then I’ll take that hit…)

It’s hard for me to think back to just two days ago, mental note, I should probably hand write my 3 things, if I don’t have time to do the blog that night, so I can ensure I remember the important things!  Not to say that naps and brunch aren’t important to me, but they were things that helped ease exhaustion, and tasted amazing in a world of much larger issues.

I used this quote for my version of #InternationalWomensDay, that I “stole” from a friends Facebook page.  Her name is Meagan Duhamel, she’s a competitive figure skater that I have been blessed to know for many years…and she kind of has an Olympic medal…no biggie!


This blog in my mind is all about being Superheroes, and using a little daily quote to encourage positive reinforcement in a world that is not always that friendly…plus it’s like an encouraging, therapeutic diary for me that people may randomly find interesting to read.  It’s about SHIT, and working together to make life a little more handled.

There are WAY too many people in my life that I admire for the shit they’ve dealt with and the way they have handled shit.  It varies from family, to friends, to co-workers, to internet friends who may sound like they are strangers but feel like they are real life friends that you can touch, kind of people.  Every woman is strong, different levels and different types, but EVERY woman has something to add to this world.  It’s wonderful and sad that we have an International Woman’s Day, but I’ll go with the wonderful, because it’s amazing to see how women band together and empower each other.

So…get your shit together, and if you need help sorting it out, talk to someone, there is a world of people WANTING and WAITING to help you become a strong, empowered woman.  Let’s all be Superheroes in this world…I’ll be Ginger Sass – the ginger haired, sassy (when comfortable) hero of quotes, jewellery and scarves.

What about you?


Sarah xo


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