Part of my theory from yesterday’s blog was that if I made a goal of having to write 3 things that were GOOD about my day and how I can make tomorrow BETTER, was that I would HAVE to write a blog entry everyday…because obviously people would want to read about my goodness (psh duhhhh).  Theories are always good in hindsight, but I’m determined to make this work, even if no one else reads or shares thoughts, it will be good for myself.  So before I start today’s quote therapy, let me tell you 3 things that made my day GOOD.

1.)  Going to the gym even though my body was hurting, and still trying my best – with great company & loads of giggles!

2.)  Using my free Tim Horton’s “Roll Up the Rim” coffee aka tea tab & therefore spending less money on food!

3.)  Smelling a scent that immediately reminded me of my best friend (comfort comes in all shapes, sizes and yes, SMELLS) 


Today’s quote involves the catch words of REALIZATON, and ENTHUSIASTIC…you can’t be lukewarm about life.  You CAN however have days where these words are not forefront in your mind of ways  you would describe your life.  The overall spirit of this quote is to encourage you to BE enthusiastic, and passionate about what you do in your, and embrace the ups and downs that WILL undoubtedly be part of it.  Life is like sailing, but it’s not always smooth.  There are moments of pure joy, love, excitement and wonder…and just as quickly can turn into anger, frustration and sadness.  Like a good book, if it was all rainbows and buttercups – it wouldn’t be interesting to read.  You take it with a grain of pure white salt, and watch it change into a magical unicorn of emotions, memories and dreams.

Being enthusiastic about life can still mean realizing there will be challenges, but embracing the journey because it’s your story being written.  Don’t go into life expecting it to be lukewarm…that is NOT acceptable.  Think about the quote from the previous blog about SMILING, each day is better then the one before, because you are stronger and wiser, than yesterday.  

I’m trying this motto on myself because you can shelter who you are to the world, but you can’t fool yourself.  So go be ENTHUSIASTIC and not LUKEWARM about your life, regardless of the paths it takes.  Use everyday as a stepping stone in the universal hug of your life!


Sarah xo


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