It’s Sunday…Sunday Funday, and it’s only Funday because I don’t have to work.  I had an epic Saturday, filled with cosmic bowling, non-stop giggles and great co-workers.  I forgot how much fun going out with co-workers could be…it took me back to my first job at White Rose, where I worked with an amazing group of people who I had wonderful adventures with.  It seems so long ago, but I SMILE at the memories.  I’m still in touch with a few of them, even if it’s just through social media!  Thank you social media for still giving me a social life, even if it’s just behind a keyboard.  This brings me to my obvious quote of the day – which will be what I use for my Facebook #qotd also!


The hardest thing to do sometimes is SMILE.  Yet sometimes it’s the easiest thing to do as well.  Smiles can mask life, or it can make life an open book.   I’m notorious for using smiles to mask more than to make it open book.  I smile to cover being stressed, or scared, or worried…but I also smile when I’m happy, joyful and proud.  Smiles are an interesting emotion.

That being said, smiles show strength, and growth, and inspiration.  They showcase the ups and downs of the story of your life, and should be embraced as stepping stones to a better tomorrow.  As said in Anne of Green Gables (yes I’m a proud GINGER Canadian who has been called Anne of Green Gables most of my life by family friends), “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” – oh wow I just put TWO quotes in this blog, I’m so risque!

What I’m trying to say, through all this babble, is that life is a journey, a daily journey, that starts anew everyday, so try to wake up with the idea of a SMILE.  Make the world wonder what you are thinking, make someone’s day with a smile, go into each day with a better attitude then the one before.  As I write this, I roll my eyes a little.  You may wonder why…and that’s just because I’m good at giving “advice”, but terrible at taking it myself.  So since we are starting a new week, my goal is to go into each day with an open heart, to smile, and to write down at least 3 things that made that day GOOD, and how I can make tomorrow BETTER.

Will you try it as well?  Let’s share our highs (and even our lows)!


Sarah xo


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