This blog entry is going to take a bit of a personal turn, but not maybe for the way you think based on the quote (but those who know me will probably understand).  Scars are a tough thing to talk about whether they be external or internal. 3 fav things: 1.)  Veal for dinner…this excites … More #Scars


Although I find myself falling behind on blog post, I’m determined to not let it stall me.  There are only a handful of excuses that I would deem acceptable, and none of those have occurred at this point in time!  So that being said, be prepared for a mash of 2 other entries besides this … More #InspiredHumans


Your heart, is more then a machine…ok that’s a song that gets stuck in my head sometimes. Let’s just get right into it so – 3 fav things! 1.)  Working out – the gym was pretty empty, maybe because it’s currently March Break here, but it was nice and weird all at the same time! … More #YourHeart


Today was supposed to be the warmest day we’ve had for a while, so clearly that means going for walks on trails, BBQing, and beginning the world of outdoor sports – aka CATCH (with a glove, and a tennis ball cause I’m terrified to drop the ball after having not played sports in probably 10 … More #BeAPineapple


TGIF!  We have all survived another week!  So before I begin my chatter about today’s quote, let’s recap what my 3 fav things went on this lovely Friday! 1.)  Baseball talk…the Blue Jays did some Snapchatting today and it was fabu! 2.)  Seeing a cardinal outside my front window – spring is a coming! 3.)  … More #Guilt


Kindness…seems like the easiest thing in the world to do, but often it’s the one thing we see little of.  More on that after my 3 fav things of the day (this being Wednesday since I clearly slacked this week!) 1.)  Hangout time with Bud (for those of you who don’t know me, which could … More #Kindness


Ok… Part of my theory from yesterday’s blog was that if I made a goal of having to write 3 things that were GOOD about my day and how I can make tomorrow BETTER, was that I would HAVE to write a blog entry everyday…because obviously people would want to read about my goodness (psh … More #Realization


It’s Sunday…Sunday Funday, and it’s only Funday because I don’t have to work.  I had an epic Saturday, filled with cosmic bowling, non-stop giggles and great co-workers.  I forgot how much fun going out with co-workers could be…it took me back to my first job at White Rose, where I worked with an amazing group … More #Smile