I think I’m going to start all of my Blog titles with a hashtag…yep I’m that person!  Today on the blog I’m going to talk about Internet Friends Day.  It’s a blessing and a curse in this world of technology, but honestly, more often then not, it’s a blessing.

Some of my greatest blessings in friendship have come from being online, with mutual love for a specific tv show, or sport, or health issue…and has grown into more then I ever could have imagine.

I met my best friend online with our mutual love for Figure Skating.  Since that time, we have traveled together, cried and laughed together, created new mutual loves (Broadway WOOWOO) and have the best memories to re-live for years to come.  I know she will be in my life forever, and although we don’t talk everyday, I know she’s there for me whenever I need her, and vice versa.  She is an absolutely gem, who gives the best hugs, and has the biggest heart I know.  I’m thankful for her everyday, and I should tell her that more often!


I’ve met some amazing people from other fandoms as well, whether it’s my first real geeky fandom of Glee, or my newest obsession of Arrow, it has made me grateful for the crazy world that is the Internet.  Having like-minded friends who you can freely gush, laugh, cry, yell and drink wine with via a computer screen or cellphone is the best.  It’s almost MORE comfortable for me to be myself behind a keyboard then in a face to face interaction.  Crazy but true, but once you get me out of my shell I will probably never shut up and you will either love my personality or hate it.

Because of the Internet I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting some extremely talented people in the Broadway world and Figure Skating world, as well as being in touch with some amazing people who are on Soaps and TV shows.  These people have been such a shining light on industries that can seem cold and unattainable.  I appreciate them more then they will ever know, and thank them for being authentic in a world that can seem fake.

There are so many Internet friends I hope to one day meet, who have believed in my passions even when I don’t, who have been kind and understanding, and helpful.  Who listen and don’t judge, and who freely embrace my nerdiness that has randomly shown it’s face this past year.

I’m not saying that my only friends are online and that I’ve only met friends because of the Internet.  I have wonderful work friends, some who have moved away and I don’t see daily anymore.  I have wonderful school friends, who I keep in touch with through social media, and when my best friend in High School and I get together it’s like nothing has even changed.  I may not have a lot of friends, but let me tell you the ones I have, are carefully chosen and adored beyond belief.


So thank you friends of all kinds!  I hope you know who you are and how much you mean to me, but if you don’t, consider this blog my undying appreciation of the absolute love I have for you, even if I don’t mention it everyday!  You are all SHINING STARS, and have helped shape me into the person I am, and will continue (in my 35 years of wisdom) to grow into.


Sarah xo


One thought on “#InternetFriendsDay

  1. This is AMAZING!!! We have had so many wonderful memories…filled with laughter, tears (good and bad), inside jokes, new experiences, and repeated experiences that always present something new and fabulous!!! I love that our one mutual love has blossomed throughout the years into others that have showered us with their own fantastic memories!!! Even though we are literally in different countries, I know you’re always there for me and are always up for the next adventure 🙂


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