Happy World Cancer Day or what I like to call F*ck You Cancer for existing Day!  Bold, yah I know, but the lovely C word has touched far more people in my life then I would like.  Below is a small glimpse into my scar that I acquired when I was diagnosed with Melanoma in 2005.


For those of you who are new to reading this blog, that I have been HORRIBLE at keeping up, but as I say every time, I will get that motivation going…one day ;), I’m Sarah and I’m a Cancer SURVIVOR!  Most of the people reading this blog already know me and my story, but I’ll give you the quick version!  The year 2005 was my quarter of a century birthday, and I had surgery on my leg shortly after that day.  You go into surgery thinking, ok they are going to get all the Cancer out, and you will be finished…because of my age, and ginger hair, and blue eyes (thanks parentals LOL), I was a prime case for Melanoma, and was then put on a treatment plan to ensure the Cancer was completely gone.  That treatment plan consisted of a drug called Interferon, which meant a hospital visit everyday for a month for treatment, followed by 11 months of self injections (I have a minor hate for needles now…just saying).  To say that was the most challenging year of my life would probably be an understatement.  I’m happy to say that the end of February has me being at my 9 year mark Cancer free (technically – I finished my treatment regime in 2007, which will then be 10 YEARS Cancer free – be prepared for an epic blog next year!).

Talking about my Cancer story has been one of mixed emotions.  I’m happy to discuss it now, but I wasn’t so willing for many years.  I have funny stories (now) that I like to tell to make people laugh and realize that yes Cancer SUCKS there is no doubt about that, but it also taught me a lot of valuable lessons, and I learned a lot about myself as a person.

My scar is a symbol.  It was at first an awful symbol of how much I hated Cancer, and what it did to me, and let me say, it is not a small scar, it made me feel uncomfortable to show my legs, because I didn’t want people staring at it, or asking questions.  It took me quite a few years to be like F*CK IT!  It’s part of my body and it’s my symbol of perseverance now – my that’s right, ask me about it and I will tell you my story!  It’s not pretty, and it is big, but it’s always going to be there, so I’ve embraced it.  It think that’s something that takes anyone who has battled cancer a while to really be ok with.  It’s a reminder of the bad, but also of the good.

I have lost many people the this Cancer word.  Many close relatives and friends.  It’s a terrible thing to be diagnosed with.  I miss every single one of those people and think about them daily.  I am happy that they are finally at peace after battling valiantly and I know they are watching over all of us, pushing us to be better then ourselves.

One of my 35 for 35 goals was to do the CN Tower climb – well I haven’t done that yet, but I did sign up for a Night Nation Run in Toronto on July 23rd.  They are working with Stand Up To Cancer as their charity, and I’m excited to push myself (ok let’s be serious I’m going to skip and dance LOL) – I’ve started going to the gym to strengthen the leg that used to be so strong, and played sports and didn’t run like a weirdo.  This is the first step in realizing I’m bigger and better then I think I am…and I’m excited to take this journey – so Thank You Cancer, for teaching me that I can do all those things I said I couldn’t, it’s the year of F*CK YES, instead of F*CK YOU!


Until next time,

Love Sarah xo


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