Being sick = Bubble Baths

Well, it’s the beginning of January, and I’m already sick.  Lack of sleep, feeling hot and cold, coughing up a lung…all in a sick days work.  So seeing as I’m a bit bored, with a slight bit of exhaustion (meaning this blog will either be AMAZING or make absolutely no sense…let’s see how it plays out) *insert coughing fit with a drop of Halls “A PEP TALK IN EVERY DROP” inspiration*

If you haven’t been following the lovely Patti Murin’s  new blog about “National” days, you definitely should!  It’s amusing and insightful topped with plain weird at times…I like today’s though, it’s National Bubble Bath Day, and I plan on taking part in this gem!  Who doesn’t like a bubble bath on a normal day, but when your sick it somehow makes you feel like you are in a different body, one that is healthy, not ready to fall over and curl into a ball whining WHY ME!

This cute little quote pretty much sums up the life of a sick person!  The only unfortunate part is the lack of having a bubble bath which I would endorse adding! (it may also be the only thing I do when sick)


So far I haven’t been able to sleep (fail), I haven’t actually had any chicken noodle soup (fail), I have had SOME water (only a minor fail), I live in my fluffy blankets, until it makes me so hot I throw them on the ground, until I get cold then I slowly, painfully reach for it on the floor and curl up in love again (WOOWOO WIN, with a minor fail on the side), I do have some tissues, they are cute and small and easy to put in my pocket, but I haven’t really had a runny nose sooooo (minor win?), and as for the avoiding infecting others…well, I went to work the past two days feeling poopy, so I guess time will tell if I avoided that (FAIL).  Staying in my tiny bubble now…it’s warm, cuddly, has WiFi and Netflix so I guess I’m ok!

The moral of the story is that I don’t have one.  I just felt like sharing my sickness in a non-spreading way via the Internet so that you could feel sorry for me and tell me to feel better and boost my ego.  Or it could just be that I was bored, and was trying to find motivation to keep this blog going, and it was easy to write about being sick.  Either way, it’s that time of season here in Canada, where “Winter Is Coming” so to speak, and colds are just part of the journey until we see the lovely fading of snow and the warm glow of green grass and birds chirping once again!

Until next time readers!

Sarah xo


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