35 for 35

Hello Inspired Friends and welcome to my world 🙂

I recently celebrated my 35 Birthday…yep 35, that awkward middle stage where you are caught in between 30 and 40!  A dear, fairly new friend of mine, Patti Murin has an amazing blog, which you should all go read btw, and wrote a blog entry called 35 for 35 – aka 35 things she was going to do in her 35th year on this earth.  Knowing my Birthday was coming up, I thought this was a FANTASTIC idea (and a little difficult – no seriously you should try to easily think of 35 things).  I was determined that I was going to create one of these lists, and it was going to be my first entry of this new venture of a blog to a better me!  Before I get into the actual list, here is a quote that a very good friend of mine, Andria, sent me on my Birthday, and since this blog is all about quotes, it seems fitting I add it to the top of this entry!


1.) Join a gym – get healthy!
This one is pretty self explanatory and it’s nice because it’s not a New Year resolution that I won’t keep, it’s a legit goal!  I’m happy to say that I have since joined a gym, and I’ve been a member for ALMOST 2 weeks and I already feel inspired and on the path to a better form of living.

2.) Start a blog & update it consistently
With this entry, I’ve at least STARTED the blog, it remains to be seen if I can CONSISTENTLY update it.  I’ve always thought I was an okay writer, I express myself better at times through text then vocalizing.  It’s my hope that I can potentially grow followers and make this blog into something bigger then myself.

3.) Remember Birthday’s & MAIL a card!
I actually stole this one from the lovely Patti Murin, because I think the world forgets about how touching it can be to get something in the mail that isn’t a bill LOL!  And honestly, I remember Birthday’s some of the time (ok not often) because I get some sort of notification reminding me about it.  My Birthday just passed and as much as I loved all the social media love I received, it meant even more to get a card, knowing that person took the time to search it out just for me.  So be prepared!!

4.) Talk to those important people in your life (friends/family) EVERYDAY!
I’ve come to realize more as I’ve aged, that life is precious not predictable, and that you need to ensure you talk to those who you love and adore as much as possible. I’m not saying it in a morbid, OMG you never know when it’s that persons last day on earth, but in a way it is just that.  Never put off saying something today because you think there is a tomorrow.  Even if it’s a short email, or a text message, or a PHONE CALL (whoa what is that).  It can brighten someone’s day.  I’m not saying I am going to message every single one of my friends DAILY, but I may pick a few people and make sure they know how special they are to me, and I’m thankful for their existence in my life.

5.) Travel to new places!
My typical travel routine is Boston, or NYC.  I love both, for many reasons, but there are also other places that I want to see, and I need to make a list, and make a plan.

6.) Set goals for my LifeCarriesMemories Bracelet brand!
I started making my bracelets as a charity related item, and it became popular, and I was making a lot of them for people, and making a little bit of money as well.  I joined a group of ladies called The Collective of Us, ladypreneurs basically, and was learning ways to grow my business one step at a time.  Life took over for a while, and I lost my way.  I need to write down legitimate goals of where I want the potential of my business to be, and set a date for each one.  That’s an entire blog entry in itself, stay tuned!

7.)  Eat more salad – or just healthier food in general
This kind of goes with the whole gym and get yourself healthy mode.  I’ve started the first step, now I need to start eating food that my body needs not just junk food and think I can sit in front of the TV watching amazing shows (I have too many to list here).  I need to mentally program myself that yes, it’s ok to have junk food, but it’s just as important to eat salad, or steamed veggies, then just my love of chocolate.  The gym will do nothing if I’m not feeding myself properly.

8.) Find a job in my “new” field!
If may take a while for the bracelet business to thrive, and I’m finishing up a Social Media Marketing certificate that hopefully will shine on my resume and make me more attractive to companies.  New year, new job right?

9.) Meet someone
This can mean many things, it can mean a potential significant other, because lets me honest, we all want someone to share special moments with that aren’t just friends, or meet someone I already know for “coffee” or dinner.  Expand my social circle!

10.) Become a positive thinker
Sounds pretty straight forward.  I can think positively for OTHER people, but I have a hard time doing it for myself.  I AM is my new mantra, and I WILL!

11.) Do the CN Tower Climb
A co-worker and I joined the gym together, and it’s something that she brought up to me as a goal we could achieve since we are now working on bettering ourselves in a healthy way.  I think it’s attainable 🙂

12.) Help a charity
This is pretty vague right now, I just have it in my mind I would like to raise funds for a charity.  Whether it be in terms of creating a bracelet and selling it with proceeds going to charity (I have done this before, but I was just the creator, not the initiator), or just raised money through other means…giving back can do so much for your soul.

13.) Be more social!
This is a tough one for me.  I’m quite shy, and I get nervous around people I don’t know.  The joys of talking online allows you to be YOU, but hidden.  Becoming more social will increase my circle of friends (I’m not saying I don’t have friends LOL, but most of them are not 10 minutes away from me).

14.) Learn 5 new meals/recipes
As I’m starting this healthy kick to life, learning some new recipes would increase my confidence in cooking (I am great with chicken…and pasta…that’s it!)

15.) Save MONEY!
Creating a new plan, to become more financially stable, I need start investing in myself.  This means that I need to value the money I make, and not spend on a whim.  Have a goal and save for that goal.  Put aside money each week that goes into an account you don’t touch, until you need it.

16.) Meet some of my new blessings
There are been quite a few new people that have come into my life, through mutual interests, or just because they’ve touched my heart and showed a little faith in me (thanks Patti!!).  I’m grateful for each one of them, for they have taught me new lessons about myself, and shown me what friendship is in a different way.  I’m not saying that I didn’t have friends prior to me writing this who didn’t already provide me with this, but they are already important people in my life, and new blessings mean new happiness.

17.) Own a vehicle
You would think at age 35 I would have already had a car of my own.  It wasn’t a priority, I used my parents cars for whatever I needed, and I was okay with that.  Now it’s a matter of OWNING something that is mine, that I earned.

18.) Move
This could be one of two things.  Move as in get out of my very supportive parents house, who have kindly let me live here for my entire existence (thus far), and whom I am grateful to.  Or it could be moving my butt to goals already listed in this blog.  I am my worst enemy…just saying!

19.) Love myself
This can be one of the hardest things for anyone to do…loving you for you.  I’ve never had the best self-esteem.  I’m a pale, ginger girl, who was teased in school because of it (and my last name, but I’m not telling you all that one!).  I want to feel proud of myself, the way others are proud of me.  To look at myself and know I am worth loving, and appreciate what the world has offered me.

20.) Go on a wine tour!
I love wine, yet I know NOTHING about it.  I don’t understand how its made, and what the difference is between one type of wine to another.  I’m the typical, “the bottle looks pretty” kind of shopper for wine!  Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it’ doesn’t LOL!  I’d like to either tour a vineyard here in Canada, or out in California, or even Europe.  Education!

21.) Read more books
Honestly I’m a collector of books I’d LIKE to read but I am not an avid reader.  Yet when I start a book that’s really good I can’t put it down.  It’s the getting started part that I’m lacking the motivation for.  Reading at least one book a month seems like nothing, but you’d be surprised!  Let’s start soon – any recommendations?

22.) Put away electronic devices for at least ONE hour each night
Sadly this is a tough one for me, and I wanted to say for a longer time period but that would take some building up to. I figure if I can not look at my cell for an hour while eating dinner, then I’ve accomplished something.  Then I will increase it to 2 hours, or 3 hours, until maybe I get to a point where I don’t really care about it (ok maybe that’s pushing it a little bit LOL!)

23.) Make a scrapbook
I have so many wonderful memories, with pictures, or ticket stubs, or airline tickets etc, and I also have a vast amount of scrapbooking items (stickers, paper, ribbon), because I always thought it would be something I would do…yet I never have.  If I can get ONE book done it could encourage me to make more (keyword…COULD, or it could make me want to yank my hair out and never see scrapbook materials again, but let’s go with it will encourage it!)

24.) Be forgiving
I need to learn to let things go.  I need to forgive and forget, and be forgiven.  It’s important to me that I never leave a situation at a state where I am mad because I hold onto it for no other reason then I don’t want to give in, or I don’t want to make people think they can walk all over me.  Deal with it and move on!

25.) Work on punctuality
You can ask anyone in my family…I’m not extremely punctual.  I have great intentions to BE punctual, but it doesn’t always happen.  Maybe this joining of the gym with appointments will help me maintain a punctual status….maybe?

26.) Make a playlist
Or many playlists.  Create lists that can go with whatever mood I’m feeling.  Music feeds my energy to be active (or not active), it allows me to escape, it makes me feel inspired or empowered, and creating lists that make you feel that way can translate into life.

27.) Say I love you more
That phrase is one that isn’t used all the time in my life, I almost feel uncomfortable telling someone I love them. I’m not saying my parents don’t say it to me, I just don’t say it that much. I don’t know if it’s a fear of rejection, maybe they don’t love me back, and I’m not just talking about family love, or love from a partner, I also mean from friends – it’s one of the scariest things for me to say, and one I am hoping to work on.

28.) Organize my room
I always have aspirations that my room is going to look like a magazine spread…then life hits, and I get lazy and crap is all over the place and I can’t find anything and spend more money and…ok anyway, it needs to be done, I need a sanctuary, and if I can just get my room cleaned and organized, life will organize itself as well!

29.) Inspire the uninspired
This can mean so many different things.  I debated calling my blog that, because I like to inspire people.  Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating them, because I try to inspire them, but I don’t always inspire myself.  Whether it be from this blog, or from my battle of skin cancer, or just following this list.  If I can inspire one person to see their potential, or a way to a better world, then I’m all for it!

30.) Do something PERSONALLY for Cancer
This sort of feeds from the previous – I battled cancer for a year, but I battled a cancer that isn’t necessarily talked about as much as others, though to be fair, it is being talked about more now.  Whether its in terms of encouragement, or education, or like I said above, charity, to do something that allows my lowest moments to translate into a beautiful moment is golden.

31.) Rid life of negative influences
I’m already negative enough at times, I don’t need people or things in my life that feed that emotion.  Knowing that I need positive energies around me, ridding myself of those who eat at me in a bad way will help heal and empower myself.

32.) Visit grandparents more often
My grandparents are not getting younger, though we do like to tell them they are SOOOOO young!  I spend some time with them, but not as much as I should…this should be more of a priority.

33.) Invest in myself
Realizing I am worth more then I give myself credit for is a big step towards investing in the life I deserve.  Taking time for myself, saying NO, having bubble baths, dreaming the dreams of bracelet heaven…goals!

34.) Hang pictures
Sadly I have so many photos in frames and they are just sitting in a bag.  I have lovely prints from visits to NYC, that I put into frames but haven’t actually hung them anywhere…this will go hand in hand with the organize my room aspect 😉

35.) Ride a bike
I used to love riding bikes…they brought great memories of camping, or summers in the neighbourhood, and trails.  When I got my cancer, where they had to remove it was right on the outside of my left leg…leaving it weak.  I went from being very active, to doing the bare minimum.  This past weekend I rode a bike for the first time in probably 10 years.  It felt amazing, and made me want to look into doing it more often.  I still need to battle hills, those are very hard for my legs, but just the beauty of pedaling around nature delight is inspiring in itself!

YIKES did anyone manage to read them all?  If so, you are rockstars and I love you to bits for your patience!  Feel free to share the idea, and please drop me a line in the comments…what would you do as a mini bucket list?


4 thoughts on “35 for 35

  1. Yay….I’m loving all of your 35 ideas!!!! Love how most of them are specific, but also can be generalized at the same time (if that makes sense). As your travel buddy, I’m totally up for some new places and new adventures!!! We can always travel to Oklahoma City this year and visit my sister when they move back there. 😉


  2. Love the list! And I can help you with a few – salad recipes! Next spring/summer, we should plan a weekend trip to Niagara and do a wine tour! It’s funny how we make plans for ourselves when we were younger and how little of it has actually come true. One thing is for certain – you’ve never changed, and I hope other than improving you FOR YOU, you never do. Xo


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